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The ISTIO-Dome is a geodesic dome habitat structure engineered using up-cycled sail materials. Designed for use as an experimental laboratory, ISTIO-Dome provides 300 ft² of workshop space, and serves as an exploration in re-claimed materials. The project is inspired by Buckminister Fuller’s Dymaxion world view and his work on geodesic domes. Facilities include 360 degree multimedia and astronomy projectors for educational and entertainment opportunities, solar powered energy systems, and a warp drive!


Past Events

Souvlaki Space Station: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing Celebration

July 20, 2019

Join us at the ISTIO-Dome for an evening of astral projections, wine bacchanal, island beats, and the best Souvlaki flavor crystals this side of Andromeda.

Under the Dome LIVE: Fared Shafinury performs Microtone ریز پرده

September 15, 2018

The ISTIO-Dome presents an exclusive and very special live performance of Microtone, directed and composed by artist & singer/songwriter Fared Shafinury, critically acclaimed Persian setar virtuoso and world class vocalist.

Journey through etherial modern & classical Persian compositions accompanied by stunning visual designs (adapted for 360 degree immersion in the dome) by award-winning female Iranian filmmaker and animator Naghmeh Farzaneh and calligraphist Kourosh Beigpour, exploring the relationship between Persian poetry, music, geometry, and the ancient understanding of the cosmos.